Where to Keep Your Will?

You’ve finally taken the time to get your Last Will and Testament done, ensuring some security for your family in the future.  Now, what do you do with your will?  You have several options for keeping your will safe:

  1. Check with your local probate court to see if they have a secure location for you to keep your will – most have a vault and allow you to keep your will there for a small fee.
  2. Store it in a fireproof safe at home – this will keep it safe and allow it to be accessible.
  3. Give the will to your executor – this prevents confusion about who will be handling the estate and where to locate the will.
  4. Give the will to your attorney – many attorneys have a safe deposit box or other secure location available for client documents – there may be a small fee for this service.
  5. Don’t put your will in your safe deposit box unless someone else has access to it – this can force your survivors to seek an order from the court just to access the will.

Most importantly, make every effort to safe guard the original will.  While copies can be filed with the Court, there are extra steps involved with probating a copy of a will in lieu of the original.

If you have questions or need an attorney to prepare a will for you, call us at (678) 535-3232 to schedule an appointment.

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