What Happens to Child Support When Your Child Graduates?

Most child support orders expire when a child turns eighteen and graduates from high school.  So, what happens when you reach that day?  First, make sure you have a clear understanding of your child support order.  Then, determine if child support should stop or be reduced.  If child support is being paid directly between the parties, and support is scheduled to expire, then the next step may be as simple as stopping child support payments.  If payments are being made by income withholding, or if there are additional children for whom support is owed, you may need to obtain a court order to address the change in child support.

If you need assistance understanding the terms of your child support order, of if you need an attorney to help you obtain a court order to address the graduation of your child, then call 678-535-3232 to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney (serving Paulding County, Bartow County, Cobb County, Douglas County, Polk County and Haralson County).

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