The Importance of Having a Will

picture of Last Will and Testament envelope

No one wants to think about their own mortality, but for the sake of those you love, every person should have a Last Will and Testament to give clear and concise directions regarding the care of children and the distribution of your property.  Without a will, there are laws that automatically apply to determine what happens to all of your property.  Those laws may create extreme hardships for the loved ones you leave behind.  Aside from property issues, it is important to leave instructions regarding the care of your children.  Without such clear direction, the court will be forced to make decisions with limited information, to decide who is the best choice to raise your children.

Creating a proper Last Will and Testament is a gesture of love for those who survive you.  It helps reduce the stress and grief of losing someone and makes moving on with life much simpler. Be sure to take this simple act of love before it’s too late.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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