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Where to Keep Your Will?

You’ve finally taken the time to get your Last Will and Testament done, ensuring some security for your family in the future.  Now, what do you do with your will?  You have several options for keeping your will safe: Check with your local probate court to see if they have a secure location for you to keep your will – …

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Home Ownership During Family Changes – Part 4

picture of Last Will and Testament envelope

For most people, the American dream includes owning your own home. However, family changes can affect home ownership, and should be considered by present or prospective home owners. As part of this multi-part series, we will explore how changes in life, such as marriage, divorce, aging and death, can affect home ownership. HOME OWNERSHIP AND DEATH Many people plan for …

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When is it too late to sign a will?

Aged Hand With Nurse Hand

Our office gets a lot of calls from people who have a loved one, usually a parent, whose health has significantly declined and they realize that the person never signed a Last Will and Testament.  The call usually comes after a close call, a fall, a stroke or a heart attack.  Unfortunately, in many cases, it is too late to …

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