Modification of Child Support When A Child Turns 18

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A non-custodial parent subject to an order for child support for more than one child should review his (or her) child support obligation when the oldest child turns 18.  When that happens, it is appropriate for the non-custodial parent to seek a modification of child support to reflect an accurate support amount for the remaining number of minor children the parent is supporting.  A modification cannot be done until a child has turned 18 and has graduated high school (or is otherwise independent from the custodial parent).

In order to prepare for this step, it’s important to review your current child support order and your current income to determine if a recalculation of child support will actually reduce your obligation.  For some, a recalculation can result in little reduction, or even an increase in child support, based on the change in circumstances from the time of the original child support order.  For others, the change in child support is not sufficient to justify a modification.  However, any parent subject to a child support order should have the order reviewed any time there is a significant change of circumstances.

If you believe it might be appropriate to modify your child support, please call our office at 678-535-3232 to schedule an appointment to meet with an attorney and review your current child support order.

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