How Long Should Alimony Last?

torn divorce decree and cash, with wedding ring

There are not set rules for determining the amount and duration of alimony and each case is determined by it’s specific facts.  Alimony can be permanent or can be for a specified period of time.  A large consideration is the receiving spouse’s ability to become self-sufficient in the future.  The more likely the spouse is to be self-sufficient, then the shorter period there will be for alimony.

There are a few definite rules about what will disqualify a spouse from receiving or continuing to receive alimony.  A spouse that committed adultery during the marriage is typically barred from seeking alimony.  Similarly, after divorce, alimony is usually terminated upon either the spouse’s co-habitation with a new partner or the spouse’s remarriage.

Death also terminates alimony obligations, so there is no need to pay alimony to a former spouse’s estate or to the children (although there may still be child support obligations).

Any of these terms can be changed by agreement, but this gives you the general guidelines for how alimony is handled in Georgia.

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