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How Long Should Alimony Last?

torn divorce decree and cash, with wedding ring

There are not set rules for determining the amount and duration of alimony and each case is determined by it’s specific facts.  Alimony can be permanent or can be for a specified period of time.  A large consideration is the receiving spouse’s ability to become self-sufficient in the future.  The more likely the spouse is to be self-sufficient, then the …

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When is Alimony Appropriate?

Gavel and money

Alimony is ordered when there is a demonstrated need shown by one spouse AND the other spouse has the resources to pay alimony.  Most common cases for alimony are where one parent has a full-time career and the other parent gives up a career to stay home with the children.  However, these are not the only circumstances when alimony can …

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I Don’t Want That Woman Around My Kids!

Jealous Wife with Husband and Girlfriend in Background

Parents in the midst of a divorce often ask how to keep the other parent’s girlfriend or boyfriend away from their kids. The question is usually asked with a mix of jealousy and concern for the children. While both parties need to recognize and understand that the other person is likely going to move on with life and start seeing …

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Be Safe During Divorce

Man and Woman sitting, upset, not looking at each other

In recent weeks, there are been several news reports of extreme behavior directly related to divorce proceedings.  Many people, especially women, are afraid to even tell their spouse that they want a divorce.  Usually the fear stems from past experiences with anger or violence from the spouse, or simply from watching such events unfold on television.  However, there are ways …

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What’s Yours is Mine: Dividing Property During Divorce

Sketch of house and ground with crack down the middle and man and woman on opposite sides of the crack

The most common misconception I find in divorce clients is the idea that title to property determines ownership.  Generally speaking that is true, but not necessarily during marriage and divorce.  In reviewing assets in a divorce, assets are divided in three categories: 1) pre-marital assets – property owned by one of the parties prior to the marriage; 2) marital assets …

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Introducing a new partner to your kids

Adult male shakes hands with young boy

Whenever divorced parents decide to start seeing someone new, it is important to use caution when introducing a new boyfriend/girlfriend to the kids. Kids have varying reactions to the new person in a parent’s life, and that reaction can depend greatly on the way you approach the introduction. Not Too Soon Children depend on security and reliability, especially after a …

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Child Support: What happens if I lose my job?

Mans hand giving hundred dollars to female hand

Once child support is ordered by the Court, your obligation to pay continues until the Court changes it.  In many situations, the custodial parent may be willing to fore-go payments or accept a lesser amount, but such an agreement, even if put in writing, does not alleviate your legal obligation to pay child support according to the order of the …

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When can kids choose who they live with?

Teenage daughter sitting on couch, not looking at Mother, after an argument

Georgia law allows a child who has reached the age of 14 years to determine which parent will be the primary custodian. The statute actual creates a right for the child to make this choice, one of the few rights that a 14-year-old can exercise. Once a child has expressed a desire to live with a parent, the child must …

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7 Tips for Reducing the Costs of a Divorce

Businessman turning his empty pockets inside out

Divorce proceedings can be very costly. These tips can help you reduce your costs without sacrificing excellent representation. Be prepared! When meeting with your attorney, whether the first time or throughout the process, be prepared for each meeting. Write down your questions. Gather the documents your attorney has requested. Have the answers to issues raised in the last meeting with …

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Divorce After Adoption

Blended Family

What would have happened if the Brady Bunch broke up? Would Carol keep the girls and Mike keep the boys? After all, that’s what they brought into the marriage, and they have the stronger bond with their own biological children. But, that’s not how the law works. If a person adopts a child, they have an equal standing with the …

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