Deadline Extended for Annual Registration in Georgia

Corporate document with corporate seal and pen

It’s not too late to file your business’s annual registration.  The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has been bogged down this year with the implementation of a new computer system.  As a result of the new system, there have been many business that have encountered trouble filing their annual registration.  Recognizing the issue, the Secretary of State has extended the …

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Officer in Trouble over False DUI Arrests

Police officer holding a pen and doing a field sobriety test on a motorist.

A Utah Highway Patrol officer, after winning Trooper of the Year, is now in hot water over allegations of false DUI arrests.  According to allegations, she was arresting people for DUI even after they passed field sobriety evaluations.  Many people later tested negative for alcohol.  Read more about this story at the Huffington Post.

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Is everyone going to see my mugshot?

ck mug shot on white background

UPDATE: This Bill was signed by Governor Deal and became effective on May 6, 2013. Clients who are facing criminal charges are often embarrassed about the situation and worried about who will find out, especially an employer.  They are especially worried when they discover their mugshot has been published on the internet.  Unfortunately, there are an endless number of websites …

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7 Tips for Reducing the Costs of a Divorce

Businessman turning his empty pockets inside out

Divorce proceedings can be very costly. These tips can help you reduce your costs without sacrificing excellent representation. Be prepared! When meeting with your attorney, whether the first time or throughout the process, be prepared for each meeting. Write down your questions. Gather the documents your attorney has requested. Have the answers to issues raised in the last meeting with …

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Divorce After Adoption

Blended Family

What would have happened if the Brady Bunch broke up? Would Carol keep the girls and Mike keep the boys? After all, that’s what they brought into the marriage, and they have the stronger bond with their own biological children. But, that’s not how the law works. If a person adopts a child, they have an equal standing with the …

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Adoption: Keeping in Touch


 Imagine grandparents being able to keep in touch with a biological grandchild being adopted by another family member!  Representative Mary Margaret Oliver (District 82) has introduced legislation that would enable adoptive parents, the adoptive child, and the biological relatives of the adoptive child to enter into a post-adoptive contact agreement.  This agreement would allow the biological relatives to have contact …

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Are you a victim of abuse?

Woman Dv

“Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women—more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.” If or someone you love is a victim of abuse, there are resources to help! Most communities have a shelter for victims of abuse, which can provide emergency housing, food, and clothing. In addition, the Court can help by issuing a protective …

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Firearms: Limiting the Governors Powers to Restrict Firearm Sales


Currently, Georgia law allows the Governor, in a state of emergency, to limit or suspend the sale of certain items, including firearms. A recent bill was introduced in the House that takes firearms out of the list of items subject to these powers of the Governor. Read the bill.

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Divorce – War or Peace?

Couple arguing

If you are considering divorce, or in the midst of one, consider the emotional impact on your children.  Is what you are fighting about worth the impact it’s having on your children?  Sometimes there’s just no way to avoid an all-out fight, but most times there is room for compromise and peace.  Step back and take a look, and see …

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Did Mom lose her keys again?

Working with Mom

Forgetfulness happens to us all, but sometimes it’s a sign of something more. If you think your parent, spouse or friend is exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, then it may be time to have an evaluation done. Once a person’s mental status deteriorates to the point that they are no longer able to make their own personal or financial …

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