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Children and Divorce – Grandparent Rights

Grandparents spending time with young grandchildren

Our office receives a lot of inquiries about grandparents rights.  As a general rule, custody is an issue solely between the legal parents of a child.  However, there are circumstances in which grandparents can petition for custody or visitation rights.  Most often the situation arises when one parent is deceased and the parents of the deceased spouse require court intervention …

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Children and Divorce – Guardian Ad Litem


Child custody can be one of the most highly contested issues in the legal system, as well as one of the most challenging issues for the court to resolve.  In order to assist the courts with resolving custody cases, the court will often appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to investigate the circumstances of the parents and the children and make …

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Children and Divorce – Children as Witnesses

Child with hands over mouth as if unwilling to speak or provide testimony

What’s goes on behind the closed doors of a family home are known only to those that live there. So, what happens when Mom and Dad have different versions of what happened in the marital home?  Often, the only other witnesses are the children.  The children see or hear the domestic violence, the strange men or women who may visit …

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Home Ownership During Family Changes – Part 4

picture of Last Will and Testament envelope

For most people, the American dream includes owning your own home. However, family changes can affect home ownership, and should be considered by present or prospective home owners. As part of this multi-part series, we will explore how changes in life, such as marriage, divorce, aging and death, can affect home ownership. HOME OWNERSHIP AND DEATH Many people plan for …

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