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Modification of Child Support When A Child Turns 18

Dad With Teens

A non-custodial parent subject to an order for child support for more than one child should review his (or her) child support obligation when the oldest child turns 18.  When that happens, it is appropriate for the non-custodial parent to seek a modification of child support to reflect an accurate support amount for the remaining number of minor children the …

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When is it too late to sign a will?

Aged Hand With Nurse Hand

Our office gets a lot of calls from people who have a loved one, usually a parent, whose health has significantly declined and they realize that the person never signed a Last Will and Testament.  The call usually comes after a close call, a fall, a stroke or a heart attack.  Unfortunately, in many cases, it is too late to …

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DUI – License Suspensions

License suspension

A suspended driver’s license is often the most severe punishment suffered by a person charged with Driving Under the Influence. A suspension can happen as a result of the arrest alone, or as a result of a conviction. At its most severe, a suspended license can result in job loss.  More minor considerations are simple, everyday activities, such as grocery …

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